»Posted on Oct 13, 2017

Unless you have been paying close attention, and most of us have not, the businesses you use everyday have been waging war on your ability to hold them accountable.  Buried in those service agreements and “click through” licensing agreements are mandatory arbitration provisions that attempt to prevent you from enforcing your rights in court.  Most heinous, some of these arbitration provisions require you to bring any dispute before an arbitrator named by the company.  This has significant consequences because an arbitrator’s decisions are very, very difficult to appeal, even where the arbitrator unquestionably makes a mistake or rules contrary to law. Given the corporate money awash in our dysfunctional federal government, it is no surprise that Congress passed...

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LAWSUITS: Can’t live with ’em . . . Can’t live without ’em!

»Posted on Oct 12, 2017

IMPORTANT:  As any attorney with his or her salt must tell you, the following information is only a general guideline based upon the laws, rules and procedures of the State of Washington.  It is not legal advice.  If you are not in Washington, your state’s laws, rules and procedures may be different.  Most importantly, many laws, rules and procedures have exceptions that may apply in your situation, so you should always consult with an attorney to evaluate your particular circumstances. Oh No!  I’ve just been served! Being served is not pleasant.  Most everyone experiences an immediate swell of deep feelings, from anger to panic and fear.  After you’re over your initial reaction, the most important thing for you to do is to TAKE ACTION. ...

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